Sean Clement

PHP Programming

Since 2005, I have been programming in PHP, HTML, JS and other languages. I first started with a text-based online game where users from all over the world could play and communicate with other members of the game's community. Over the years I've made multiple versions of that game (and even changing the name and era every know and then), incorporating new technologies and new in-game features that users could enjoy.

After a number of years at college, increasing my knowledge, I developed a number of applications in different programming languages. Everything that I have worked on is below and has been developed mainly with PHP.

Hacked Or Not (Public Beta)

Hacked Or Not is out there to answer one question, Is my website 'hacked or not'? The Hacked or Not (HoN) engine scans your website from 'the out-side', scanning your web pages and looking for known hacker files on your server. The results of the scan is presented in an easy to read format that you can access by logging in to your account on the HoN website.

This system is managed by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd

DMC Firewall (com_dmcfirewall)

DMC Firewall is a security extension that you can install within your Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.x website. Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems available to date. DMC Firewall was first released in April of 2013 with version 1.0. DMC Firewall is available in both a Core package along with a Professional package which includes additional protection over the core package. I am the lead developer of DMC Firewall so I know the 'ins and outs' of this extension which means I can provide the most useful information relating to any issue that may arise.

This extension is managed by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd

The Kingdom Of Medieval Knights (TKOMK)

In 2005, I started to work on a text-based game called The Forgotten Gangsters (TFG). This version was developed using PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript. It was set in the current day with fast cars, modern weapons and 'easy to gain' cash. After a number of years I reprogrammed the game incorporating new ideas and new technologies. In 2010 I re-branded TFG into TKOMK, a medieval era game where money was hard to come by and making friends was crucial. TKOMK is still active but I haven't been able to 'pay much attention' to the game due to work commitments.

OHSecurity is a Joomla Security extension!